Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

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Simon Pegg sighting!

While watching Mission Impossible Three (or III) he made a much too brief appearance as Benji Dunn.


Anyhoodle, while watching MI3 I tried to keep my Tom Cruise ick factor at bay and watch the movie for the brilliance that I seemingly have been missing. My friend Kingsley has proclaimed this the best of the three MI movies and the newest podcast I listen to, Scene Unseen, almost wet themselves during a discussion of t his flick.


Tom Cruise doesn’t make it easy to not think of him as a jerk. He seems so cocky and arrogant. Just saying.
Why is he eavesdropping on his girlfriend’s conversation at the engagement party?
Why is HE the only one that can rescue Keri Washington’s character?
Duh! Laurence Fishburn is so not the spy. How could anyone NOT see that.
Overall, despite his rants about post-partum and other things I am sure Tom should keep private, MI3 still sucks, although not as bad as MI2, and I still think Tom is a tool.
Says the flake.

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