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There’s no stopping these four babies from rockin’! Charlotte, Denny, Bip and Ling lead their friends through a rock and roll day in Kate McMullan‘s Rock-a-Baby Band. This rhyming adventure will have readers shaking and stomping as the pages turn.
General Considerations:
This book is a great addition to any musical program. The rhyming text is full of rich description that describes the rumpus and fun had by these toddlers. Janie Bynum’s beautiful illustrations keep the story going and feature a diverse cast of babies. The illustrations truly enhance the story; each page offers the quartet doing a variety of activities and babies to enjoy.

During storytime the audience loved to ‘shake it’ and sang (or screamed) along with the chorus. The copy of the book that I used came with a musical CD to sing along with. We didn’t use the CD, instead we made up our own rhythm and used bells to play along with.

Borrow a copy of this book from your library and enjoy your own rock and roll time.

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