Write a Review Wednesday: No Sleep for the Sheep

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All sheep wants to do is go to sleep but all of the farmyard animals have other ideas.

In Karen Beaumont’s No Sleep for the Sheep! Sheep’s plan for bedtime is ruined when animal after animal noisily wakes sheep. In this fun rhyming book, children will be able to make animal sounds along with the animals waking poor sheep. The text is a whirlwind twist of familiar words that accompany a melodic rhythm. It’s easy to remember and will encourage listeners to read along.

Jackie Urbanovic’s illustrations are bold and beautiful. The animals are comic but look real and there are hints in the illustrations to help readers guess the next animal coming to wake the sleeping sheep.

Reading to a crowd, the children enjoyed making animal sounds and guessing who would be next. It would also work for smaller groups so that children could view the illustrations up close.

Get a copy for yourself at you local library or click on the link above.

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My friend Abbe filmed me reading the book.


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