Write a Review Wednesday: I Don’t Want a Cool Cat

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When picking a pet, it is important that one knows exactly what they want and Emma Dodd’s I Don’t Want a Cool Cat is the perfect guide to helping one find a just right cat. In this book a little girl is searching for the perfect cat, someone that is just right for her and rhymes her way through what she doesn’t want until she finds the perfect pet.

General Considerations:
The rhyming text is entertaining to read a aloud and great for younger readers; it works well one on one and with a group. The font used in the book enhance the illustrations moving the list of do not wants along. It’s a simple short book however pre-readers and new readers will enjoy this book.

Emma Dodd has a few other titles that are wonderful for young readers including the companion for this book I Don’t Want a Posh Puppy which finds the protagonist looking for the perfect puppy.

See which kitty traits you may or may not want; pick up a copy of this book from your local library or visit Little Brown Books for a copy of your own. (Little Brown also has some cool activities to extend this book!)

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