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Meet Petunia who, more than anything, wants a pet. And not just ANY ole pet…her heart desires a pet skunk! Refusing to believe her parents words of caution, Petunia plots, plans and campaigns for a pet skunk, even running away because when she is unable to get what she wants. A chance meeting with the pet of her heart’s desires causes her to change her mind and set her sights on her second choice of pet…a porcupine.
Those who are making the case for a new pet will enjoy Paul Schmid‘s A Pet For Petunia. Petunia is quite determined and singleminded to express what she wants. She is appropiately stubborn and quite frustrated when her parents just won’t get it that she wants what she wants.

General Considerations:
This book reads well aloud. The daycare group that I shared this book with all declined the idea of a skunk for a pet. They gasped at the Petunia’s inner thoughts (she thinks her parents are lunkheads) and laughed when Petunia was sprayed.

The Bee loved the illustrations. ALthough the pictures are simple and created with only a few colors, the expressions on Petunia and the skunk’s faces are a delight!

There are copies available to vorrow at your library or check out Paul’s website for more information.

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