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Crushes…who hasn’t enjoyed one? Jackson has a crush on Cami but it looks like Carter may have her heart! What’s a bunny to do? Best friend Cooper encourages Jackson to let Cami know what Jackson’s feeling. Will she reciprocate or does Carter already have the in? Just in time for Valentine’s Day Gennifer Choldenko‘s A Giant Crush gives shy people a guide to speaking to the person who has captured his or her heart.

This book is adorable, addressing crushes in such an innocent way. Gennifer captures the feeling of a crush perfectly: the shyness and embarrassment of the feelings, a fear that you’ll be found out, or worse, that you may have to talk to your crush. The joy and relief when the feelings are reciprocated! I love that in a culture which always seems to rush growing up, Gennifer creates a scenario that allows a little kid to have a crush, enjoy it and it is all age appropriate.

Melissa Sweet‘s illustrations are cute, making the story flow. They are bright and colorful and just right for this book. The facial expressions capture the feeling of bunnies in like.

General considerations: 
This book would read well with a single child or a group. The illustrations are bold enough that a group could appreciate them but also fun to share one on one. The story gives assurance to children that its OK to have a crush and that the feelings they may experience are nothing they should distress over.

Get a copy of this book in time for your crush. Visit your library or your favorite bookstore.

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