Workout Boogie: A.M. and P.M. Stretch

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A post in which I do not self-denigrate myself.

There is a new word in my vocabulary. Not a word; more of a sound…a grunt when I bend, reach, move. Waking up I have been so stiff that I wait until absolutely the last minute to move hoping that the stiffness in my left heel won’t cause the old lady hobble.

Anywho, I pulled out A.M. and P.M. stretch hoping that this would help get me a little more flexible and possibly stop all of the grunting and groaning. Madeleine Lewis is a fabulous instructor. She gives very good cues and is easy to follow. The workout is challenging but not impossible. After doing the A.M. Stretch I felt invigorated and ready for the day. The P.M. stretch is very relaxing for an end of the day stretch. Best of all…today when I got up NO pain! This is not to say that some miracle occurred but if 30 minutes of stretching was all I needed, I’m sold.

Working out in front of my kid and cat is just an exercise in something! The Bee fussed the whole time and Liliana thought she should lay on the mat with me or attack the rubber bands that I wear on my arm.

Make sure you have a comfortable place to move. There were some stretches that required more space than a yoga mat. Noting major.

Overall: great workout!

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Here’s hoping to another great morning,


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