Workout Boogie 2.0: Stott Pilate’s

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It has been too cold for a run. I gladly pull, and wildly wave my wuss card and feel pretty good about it. However the wuss in me cannot, will not tolerate the fact that my storytime warm ups are causing me to consider moving the defibrillator out of the office and next to my desk*. Aesthetic reasons be darned, I need to exercise so that I don’t scar my patrons if I drop during the warm-up in which we reach for the floor.

Because I always let things (life, ice cream, the sloth feeling that overcomes me during non-working, non-The Bee times to name a few) my Workout Boogie came to a complete halt. With the exception of one good walk, one half-assed run and some stretches during storytime, the most exercise I’ve gotten is running my mouth-hiyo!

Monday I had a choice: the Oreo (OREO! Ummmmmmmmmm!) cookie ice cream which I bought (because it was on sale – duh!) which would be oh so yummy but would also produce hours of guilt, self pitying and other negative behavior that would make a bowl of ice cream more than just a bowl of ice cream or I could actually use the DVD I borrowed from the library Saturday.

I choose the latter and I feel great.

Pilate’s for the rest of us

While Stott Pilate’s The Secret to Flat Abs is a typical Pilate’s workout (cause I jumped all over the words ‘flat ab’ boldly splashed across the cover), instructor Moira Merriweather has a very clear cut approach to the workout. Unlike other Pilate’s workouts this one did not make me feel that I was not some blob trying to mold myself . The instructions were clearly explained, there were modifications and I actually felt the muscles that the exercises were intended.

She’s scooping her abs darnit!

The workout is about an hour. Like I mentioned before, each move is explained and then practiced. The workout was enough to challenge without making me give up in despair or making me do the Frankenstein lurch.

Hmm, I’ve got a few more days left to use this. I’ll try the second workout later this week. Already I feel my core and trunk have been targeted and worked. I still feel about as graceful as that cat pictured above but there wasn’t the self-deprecating “I hate me” marquee running through my head, it was a let’s get this done properly and feel the burn.


*Although I may die due to the flippin‘ thief that decided to target my work, but I digress.


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