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Or thinking about it at least.

I haven’t been posting here lately because I just wasn’t. Wasn’t working out, wasn’t attempting anything other than to complain. Then I stopped complaining because I was just at a point where it wasn’t ok but that it (the weight, body, etc) was going to have to be OK. As the end of 2011 looms I keep thinking about what my goals for the next year are. Yes, I have sang this song before but I kinda like the tune and the fact that I keep getting dizzy upon sitting up, winded during storytime and just hate pictures of myself make me want to do something.

As I trolled on Pinterest I found several things to motivate and make me want to get moving. One of the goals I set for myself is to properly train for races including the Broad Street Run which is Sunday May 6th. Yes. In six months (or so) I plan to run 10 miles. For reals. Pinterest is acting a a type of vision board. If I can see it, I can believe it and maybe, just maybe I can make it happen.

Here are my favorites:

A Bib Holder.
I can proudly show off the races that I enter for the year because yes, I need that kind of validation.

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest

What an awesome tee-shirt?
I often feel like this on runs/wogs/jogs:

My new motto.

The running shoes that I want.

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest

The workout I need to do for my abs:

What’s on your vision boards?


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