Woggin’ on Sunshine

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Hey! Hey!

Sis and I went for a two mile walk today in the drizzle.
I am really ashamed to admit that those two miles were tough.
And I mean, I wanted to tuck my tail between my legs and crawl home, tough.
Let’s blame it on the mud at the track. (It slowed me down)
Anywho, I got to the track albeit a few days late but I am going to keep it up.
It’s supposed to be almost 60 degrees tomorrow; I will make a return visit to get my huff on.
My goal is to run a total of 100 miles before the Broad Street Run.
Two down and 98 to go.

Addendum: The Broad Street Run is 17 weeks away. My goal will be to run 250 miles before the big day. That’s two miles per day or so.
Stay tuned!


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