#WIP Wednesday: Unfinished Yarnthngs

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WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday


Fellow Crafters… I have been in a creative slump. So many beautiful, springy yarns in the stash and no desire to do anything with them!  Besides shooing my Lil away from my yarn room, the only action my yarn stash gets is to move it from bag to bag as I thin out the collection of bags that I am trying to get rid off.








Above are some of the WIPs in fiber purgatory.

1. Knit ruffle scarf.
I started this a few weeks ago and then needed the needles for something else. I meant to come back to it but….

2. Crochet Poncho
The Bee asked for this and I was working it well but the pattern is repetitive and I got a little bored. She has not asked for it yet but I’d like to get it done before fall.

3. A knit basket weave scarf.
This was a big deal when I started. I loved that *I* was able to make this pattern with just knit and purl stitches.

4. Crochet ruffle scarf
I also started this one a few weeks ago but got distracted by a hat. I then saw skirt for a toddler using the ruffle yarn. I was gong to frog this scarf nut decided that I would keep chugging along.

5. Unknown crochet thing
I *think* this was supposed to be a scarf I started for a crochet challenge but I am not totally sure. I think I am going to frog this and make a hat.

6. Knit scarf aka the Dr. Zaius
This yarn was on sale and since I am girl who can’t say no, I bought it thinking I could make a funky scarf or cool cuffs. This yarn is a pain in the ass to use; it’s no wonder it was on sale!

Oh well!
Do you have any WIPs?
Link up!


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