WIP Wednesday: Procraftination

Say it Rah-shay, yaRRns By Feb 19, 2014 7 Comments

What are you working on?
I should be finishing up a hat and two headbands but find myself stuck. Dunno why; I just am.


Instead here is the hat I completed:


I saw this hat on Pinterest and loved it! When I finally went to make it, there was no pattern! I kind of guestimated what I what need to use to get this hat done and am pretty pleased with the final product. I looked for a car shaped button when I went shopping but could not find one. A fellow hooker shared a pattern for an applique and I will give that a go this week.

What are you working on? Show your WIPs!


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  1. popcosmo says:

    I am SO with you – I have not been inspired at all lately. And I am totally borrowing your phrase procraftination -that is perfect!!! If it’s not ok, tweet me asap 🙂 b/c I just can’t resist it!!!! Hope your mojo finds it way back soon because that hat definitely rocks and your talent is too good to procraftinate much longer, haha!

    1. Rachee says:

      Procraftination is all yours! Honestly? I’m sure I saw it from someone else. Hope you get your spark back. I want to see what you’re making.

  2. What an adorable hat! You are very talented.

  3. Not crafty these days so nothing right now but that is very cute!

  4. Emily says:

    That word made me giggle!! I’ve been feeling blah lately and can’t seem to get anything done – but I’d never be able to make anything as cool as that – so you’re winning in my book!

  5. Valerie Gray says:

    I am not crafty at all. I have no crafts in progress. The closest thing I have to that is recipes I'm working on, I often have several revisions until I get to the one I'm happiest with.

  6. Cute! I could never do something like that. Your talented!

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