Who Will Save My Soul?

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Religion is a weird subject for me. There are times I crave the comfort that accompanies those with a strong faith. There are times that I want an non judging ear to listen to what I have to say. Then there are times that I feel as if religion is hype to keep people in line and to shut them up. A firm believer in a bastardized Karma, at times I want the something that faith seems to offer those I know who are followers. My friends and family who regularly attend church and engage in some type of worship all seem to have a serene calmness about them that I both envy and admire.

Slowly, because I am not sure where to go, I’ve decided to seek out something, cause frankly being Rachée is not the end of it. This summer I have voluntarily taken The Bee to Vacation Bible School (she was psyched about getting a bible, and no, my hands did not burn when I touched it), even attended bible study, unwittingly picked three books of a religious/spiritual/biblical nature and today was blessed by the lady who sold me a couch.

I think someone may be trying to tell me something.

However, I am a bit nervous. Religion has always seems to be the last resort for people who have lost all hope, single, lonely women and recovering addicts who done wrong and can’t go back home. I guess I kinda fall into the single lady category but I am not lonely. I don’t imagine that I will be some bible thumping Jesus freak peppering my words with God Bless Yous and the like. I am scared that I will lose me in an effort to get something else.

When I got the guts to speak to Mom about it as I really didn’t want, need nor desire a lecture or some other big deal made about this part of my life, she was quite the opposite. We chatted about some things and that was that.

Hmmm…it may not be so bad but we’ll see.

Taking baby steps,


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  1. To me religion is truth. It was speaks true to your soul. When you find what you are looking for you’ll know.

  2. Mama Mel says:

    Good luck with finding the right place for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day! 🙂

  3. Mama Mel says:

    Good luck with finding the right place for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day! 🙂

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