Who To Call: Senate and House Reps

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I usually don’t post about politics because I am not political, because I don’t know much about politics,  because [fill in some other excuse], because I am scared of what someone somewhere might say.

But then:

I am done with worrying about speaking softly, offending people, being looked at as Angry Black Woman. I am angry but I am also going to be educated Black Woman, taking time to learn more and not rely on sound bites, press clips and click bait which runs rampant on social media.

Hear me roar.



This week I am making calls and writing letters. The election is over but we can still make our feelings known. Former Congressional staff member Emily Ellsworth offered this advice on the Twitter for how to get your representative to take notice and hear you out.

The link to the article can be found on the web site attn.


In the Philadelphia area? Here is a list of who to call.

Congress, District 1
Congressman Robert Brady
1350 Edgmont Avenue, Suite 2575
Chester, PA 19013
Phone: (610) 874-7094
Fax: (484) 816-0029

Congress, District 2
Dwight Evans
7174 Ogontz Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19138
Patrick Toomey
8 Penn Center
1628 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 1702
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 241-1090
Fax: (215) 241-1095

Bob Casey
2000 Market Street, Suite 610
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 405-9660
Fax: (215) 405-9669


Remember the U.S. Congress makes federal laws for the nation.
Congress has two legislative bodies or branches: the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Our calls should be to them right now.

Don’t see your community below, go here:
For Senate: http://www.senate.gov/index.htm
For Congress: http://www.house.gov/


I’ve been quoting Dylan Thomas this week…I will not go gently into that good night.


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  1. jeff says:

    A great resource to find all your elected officials (in the Greater Philadelphia Region) can be found at the Committee of Seventy website and is called The Online Citizen’s Guide: http://guide.seventy.org/

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