What do Whitney, Danielle, Saleisha and Jaslene have in common?

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They all competed at one time or another on a guilty pleasure known as America’s Next Top Model.

Yes, one of my many guilty pleasures is America’s Next Top Model. I have spent my fair share of days off and holidays sucked into a VH1 or MTv marathon. (Seriously, the show is like eating chips, one comes on and you are almost obliged to keep going.)

By no means am I a top model nor am I implying that I am better than these girls. I enjoy watching the show and after weeks of watching these girls, and months of watching marathons, I feel like I can make an informed opinion about what is going on.

Top Model is up to its eleventh cycle.I must say that this season seems to have taken a leap from what I had found to be the spirit of the show: choosing one girl from the thousands who entered and making her a top model. Actually, cycle ten seemed to be the decline of the show. Perhaps I am being dully influenced by gossip rags or maybe my interest are changing. In any event it seems like the judges are phoning it in and going through the motions.

I want to know who this cycle’s winner is but I have to say that I am am a bit put off with Tyra and company’s shenanigans. The judges seem, mean. Tyra and Co are sarcastic, condescending, conflicted and really unpleasant.

Of the five remaining girls I like best Mckey who looks way older than 19. This is not meant spitefully but she seems to have a grace and style that I don’t see in my 18 year old coworker.
Analeigh is pretty and takes great pictures but we’ve seen it all before. No oomph
Marjorie: ahh, I am so sick of her nerves. Marjorie uses being a French homeschooler as a reason for being a pain in the *ss. From now on when I fudge up at work, I am going to use my heritage (or lack there off but that is for another post) as an excuse. Marjorie looks like an old woman with a hunchback.
Of course there is Sam, crazy wild girl. She really does nothing for me. Kind of forgettable.
And then there is Elina who jumped on the “I am not from America bandwagon and joined Marjorie for all of the “I am a foreigner nonsense.”

I have come to change my mind about how hard these girls work. A model does not seem to be guaranteed work as is evident by my life as a Cover Girl weekly spots.
**Aside, is it me or are the past winners always filling out forms ala job application, going on a go-see in which they do NOT get the job or seem to trying to meet with designers who make them trey on clothes but don’t hire them?

Do these designers even LIKE these girls. The girls have to wear all of these foul ugly clothes, shoes that can literally cause bodily harm and walk on runways filled with dangerous obstacles.
My kid wants to be a top model.
Ugh! Do I really want to see her gypped?
If ANTM is still on when Maddie gets older, no tv and she is going to be homeschooled.


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