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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 has started. Charleeeeeeeene and Leaky always used to come over and want to watch it and before I couldn’t get the fascination. After watching one of the many airings through various marathons, keeping up with what The Bee is watching and because I just had to see this Eva the Diva chick, I am hooked.

I have heard a few people complaining about how thin the women are. Duh! They are models! Yes, yes, it’s not fair that the PLUS size model was a whopping size 10 !?!?! but whatcha gonna do? Total Rachee moment…I am proud to be able to watch this show and only feel bad about my size like 2% of the times I watch! And the only reason I feel bad is because some of the blatant fashion mishaps are things that I wear daily.
Anyhoodle, I have to keep an eye on The Bee. With every cycle I can see her striking more and more poses, walking an imaginary runway and wearing these “fashiony outfits”.


So far I can’t figure out who is who other than some a hippie named Fo, the token bitchy black girl called Sandra and Tahlia, a burn victim who was upset that the runway show she performed in made her cover her scars.

A few on the cuff observations…
Have these girls seen the show?
The way to Tyra’s heart – and spot on the show)- is to know your fashion types. That’s like me going to work and not knowing about award winners (OK, I don’t know ALL of them but dang!)

What was the deal with Angelea? Why did she let that witch Sandra distract her from the contest? What they heck were they fighting about anyway? Something about nails and you ugly (pot meet kettle). The Bee observed about Angelea “She looks like Isis” If I knew that my chances of sleeping in a toilet rested on me keeping my mouth shut and taking a great picture you could best believe that I would be by myself practicing in a mirror.

Why is this bible freak talking about changing the world? Has she watched the show? She should know she first thing Tyra and Co is going to do is some controversial nude shot.

I don’t even remember the whole episode. Something about the Goddess of Fierce and some other such nonsense.

The photo shoot was one of Tyra’s passions, little girls growing up too fast or as this blogger noted:

Tyra, girls grow up too quickly by watching shows like Top Model in which 18-year-olds worry about their body fat and do nude photo shoots. Also, because of MySpace. Funny!

Hopefully the pace of the show picks up. I am looking forward to the day when Tyra has a cast of “Plus” sized models and there are no bitchy black girls. Here is a novel idea! How about a bitchy white chick!

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