UFO February

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UFO may conjure thoughts of little green men (and women) but to crafters alike, UFO means Unfinished Object.
And I have lots of ’em.
This February I had visions of another month long thread but have decided that I need to get these UFOs done.

For various reasons I have unfinished projects that are left to languish in the many give away bags that I have collected over the years. The most popular reasons that I have not finished a project are:

  • bored-some patterns repeat the same stitch over and over and over (ever make an afghan? blech!)
  • frustration-see above plus add that I am unable to follow the directions; some designers are clearer than others and my pattern is not coming out the way it is supposed to
  • lose interest-not quite the same as bored; sometimes I find that I just have no desire to finish the project.

On the hook for this month:

My two January squares:

Ravelry, for any one not in the know, is like Facebook for crafters. Hook and Needle artists alike virtually come together to talk all things fiber, sell patterns, share patterns and anything else that occurs to them while they craft. There are a few running groups, a few TV groups and other things that pique my interest. One group that I joined is a square a month group in the hope that I finish 12 squares for a colorful afghan. Yeah. Last year I made enough to warm Barbie or my ankles. I was making The Bee a blanket and ran out the pink yarn she requested (having since changed her favorite color from pink-D’oh!).
Now I can salvage with minimum fuss.

My four hats from my Ravelry group.

Silly, silly, silly me joined a crochet along with the idea of creating 4 hats per month, 52 in a week. So far I have made two. One for me and one for a preemie. By the end of the month I am going to owe 8. I really need to get cracking!

The Bee’s ballet slippers:

She won’t take a dance class but liked this pattern. Plus she needed
bedroom slippers.

Julie’s socks

The Cottage socks that Liz and Zontee swore wear quick and easy have turned out to be painful and slow. I admit that I did not measure or count stitches but thought that I could guesstimate. I never did well in math.

The Bee’s sweater:

I swear I measured, counted and measured again but this sweater is not turning out according to the pattern. The back is not wide enough, the front is fine and so far the sleeve is OK but I a get worried thinking about how this is going to look. I don’t want her looking like she has a bunch of yarn on and golly knows I don’t want to wind up on “What NOT to Crochet” [shudder]

Pop’s bag:

I just need to finish the strap. I realize that I put this down because I was running out of yarn and was unable to get more (lesson learned: over buy) and I didn’t like the way the bag turned out.

The Bee’s bag:

Of course she wanted one after seeing Pop’s. Of course I bought the yarn which is sitting in my stash. Looking very pretty. But not being used.

I have promised myself no more new projects until these are done.
Happy hooking!


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