Twisting the night away

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Or why yes, I did stay up doing my hair.

Also, a gratuitous post about why I’ll be yawning in the AM.

Now then…yes, my hat is totes* awesome and gah, I did want to show it off but due to triflin’ laziness I thought looking like this was ok.

Buffy on the left looking hot.
Me on the right…not so hot.
So despite being extra sleepy and feeling like I’m dizzy I stayed up and did this.
This took a while
I just like the way I look. 
Now I don’t look like I have eight cats and eat meals for one.
I got lip gloss!

Where is my gloss**?
Oh yeah.
I’m still going to wear my hat. State College is hella cold but when I get to where I’m going it’s boucing and behaving hair.

Cause I roll like that.
Happy Monday,

*How is totes working for you? *I* dig it but it may sound like a dreckitude thing,
**I had to hit CVS for some other stuff and got some gloss.


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