Twenty One Bucks can buy…

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…32 crochet hooks (3 dollars)
a lamp, and it DOES WORK! (3 dollars)
five sweaters for The Bee (5 dollars)
4 plants: two patio plants -I was told the names but have since forgotten; a lovely peppermint plant – which puts the crappy K-mart one I got last week to shame – and a bamboo plant that only needs to be watered once a week (8 dollars – and one is a gift for The Bee’s teacher)
2 champagne glasses – necessary so The Bee and I can toast our move and other important events that require a champagne glass (1 dollar)
a bottle of water (1 dollar)

UD had another flea market, this time to support the Band I think. There were the usual suspects: the crystal lady (she sells crystals – duh!), the people with the slightly racist war pictures (a big pink-lipped black kid running from a bomb) for sale along side a beautiful, but expensive (although had that racist picture been not on display…) green bookcase, the sock guy with socks that look like they will only fit Arboo and perhaps The Bee or Dill if stretched, the people who cleared out their dank and damp attics and decided that flea market shoppers would feel that 8 dollars was a bargain for a stained set of drawers and dressers – hiyo!

Buffy and I trekked up to see what we could see and while I really don’t need 32 more hooks (some will go to work for kids to use during the summer, pinky swear!) and the glasses were a bit of a splurge (I saw them and grabbed) the other stuff will be good come winter (sweaters), for Mom’s never too much garden, The Bee’s new room (the lamp) and Friday (the bamboo plant), the last day of school.

Ooh, and instead of THREE coffees and two Diet Pepsis I filled my bought water bottle and sipped well into the afternoon.

Thrifting the night away,


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