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I was flicking through Instagram and came across the photo from Knitbrooks:



Gorgeous, right?

I scrolled through her timeline to see if there was a link to this scarf and while I was able to find this one:


I found several things that I loved and wanted to wear but I could not find a link to a pattern.

So I clicked on the link in her Instagram page and visited her blog. There I learned that Knitbrooks is really Kelly and she is a Canadian blogger who sells her fabulous creations…but not the patterns.

I can dig it; knitting for profit has not become a reality for me so I do not fault this woman her hustle but, as my friend Betsy said last week, I am guilty of the pitiful that affects many a crafter. I see a creative thing and think…I can make that.

It just so happened that The Librarian and I took a trip to the Lancaster area and we visited a shop called Flying Fibers. At the shop I found some Cascade Yarns, which is a yummy, squishy, chunky yarn, and snagged two skeins in a luscious blue. These two skeins, along with a skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick were what I used to try and make a go of a similar scarf.

After several starts I started to see a scarf that I sort of liked.


66 rows later and I came up with this:


I loved working up this pattern; it was quick to complete, taking me about six hours from start to finish. Using size 17 needles, this scarf took three skeins of yarn and measures 94 inches across. My whiny complaint, my scarf does not drape like Kelly’s and I am feeling a bit meh about the result. When I voiced my complaint, The Bee told me that this scarf was nice and that if I made one in black it would be “boss”.


It will totally be my fault when she takes this shawl. #knitting

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In my stash there were a few more skeins of chunky and bulky yarn and I have been playing around with the yarn to see if I can get a similar drape. So far, no luck. I may have to give up the dream of creating the exact scarf and just go for creating something similar.


A little late night #knitting with some #fiosphilly (Yes, it’s #lawandorder!)

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    I looked for u and found no pattern similar.

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