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Whatever GI bug that has been going around bit The Bee. She has been doing the potty walk for the last two days and when she finally passed out in a coma fell asleep, I had my own mini-marathon involving Brenda Lee and the squad from Major Cases.

I generally love The Closer. I love Brenda Lee’s syrupy, “Thaink yoo!” as she bullies her way into solving crimes. I love her obsession with sugar and sweets (although I am a bit jealous that she is as slim as she is with that drawer full of snacks) and I laughed when Chief Pope snapped at her, “When you’re a hammer everything in the world looks like a nail!” (Zing!)

Episode One, Good Faith, was about a suicide that was not a suicide, church, insurance fraud…blah blah blah.

Episode Two, Junk in the Trunk, was about a fat dude in the closet, murdered, diamonds, blah, blah, blah.

Episode Three, Power of Attorney, freaked me out! A smarmy lawyer walked away Scot free from killing five women! He used a gullible dude to spy on the victim, the arrogant DA to see what evidence they had on him strolled happily out of the police station.


Normally I am not a “real life” scary, squeamish type. I am more afraid of a ghost or witch than a real life nut but this episode disturbed me. Even eye candy Sgt. Gabriel and Detective Sanchez were not enough to make me not feel at ease. Laying next to a jittery, fevered kid was no help. Every twitch that caused the sheets to move made me jump. Every time she moved into those weird positions that children contort themselves into made my heart thump.

I got so paranoid that I contemplated taking down my web page.
After I did a few deep breaths, overcame my wussiness and felt that I was more thirsty than scared I got over it and began this post.
I am an attention hog.
Jumping at that bump,

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    who would be stalking you? Captain Pete?

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