Today, February, 22nd, is…

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Be Humble Day!

This is my type of day! My mom always says I should crow more about my accomplishments but with the exception of The Bee I just feel like a braggart when I do. I feel as if my work will (and has) speak for itself. This refers to the positive things. The negative, goofy, loopy stuff I will pretend does not exist also.

It’s also Walk the Dog day but since I don’t like dogs I choose not to acknowledge this one. Some dogs are cute; my neighbor’s one dog is like a big rag doll. My other neighbor’s horse dog is a big giant monster. That’s the one that makes me cringe. When I was a kid a dog felt my back was the appropriate place to jump on and ever since I have avoided canines.

Oh well.
Have a humble day,


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