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Oh boy am I exhausted!
I spent a good part of my evening with Tim, Daisy, Marsha, Brian, Mike and Twist.
“Who are they?”you may ask. While I wish I could say that I was engaged in a night of lewd, lascivious debauchery these are merely characters from a Britcom, Spaced.
Two AM found me watching the entire two seasons of Spaced, a Britcom starring Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) and Jessica Stevenson/Hynes (her name is listed with both surnames and she too was in Shaun).
Britcoms are sort of like bad cheese; It’s yummy and filling but boy can it stink!
That may not be fair. I watch loads of TV but some of the pop culture references flew way over my head. I found myself drifting off a bit but there were a few characters that cracked me up. Such as messenger Tyres and his drug induced dancing to random household appliances and crusty Marsha predatory relationship with Brian.
I like Simon Pegg. I have a slight crush on his pasty doughy self (and he scores as Scotty in the new Star Trek film!!) I was a bit more tolerant of Tim’s perfectly amusing rants against George Lucas for the crap that was “The Phantom Menace.
*Aside: My ex, sister, brother in law and I all journeyed to a midnight viewing of Phantom Menace. That’s one I can’t get back. The one thing I remember from that movie is Jar Jar Binks (who really stinks) “Me-sah!”
Anyhoo, if you are able, take a look. Try before you buy! Borrow from your local library, hint hint!
Comic fans, stoners and slackers will love it.

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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    Simon Pegg?!?!?

    Why are the word verifcations so frigging hard to read.

    But seiously, Simon Pegg?!?

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