Thoughtful Tuesdays: The Back to School Eve Post

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In which I share random thoughts about The Bee heading back to school.

Facebook shared my status from last year this time:

It’s amazing how the kid can stall and stall upon bedtime! Thorougly cleaning room, now she’s offered to help me clean the bathroom. The night before the start of school should come more often.

What a difference a year makes! Tomorrow is the first day of school, the first day when The Bee starts her new school and instead of my norm: being with her to lightly admonish her to go to bed to get ready for the day I am working at my college gig and trying to keep track of her doings via mom, texts and distracted calls to The Bee as she attempts to watch as much TV as she can and put off going to bed.

Today was spent running around playing catch up doing random putterings as we rush because I procrastinated to prepare for the routine that comes with school. Honestly, I am glad for the return of the routine. I welcome the discipline that accompanies school days and the school year. Structured time for my kid, knowing that she is not plopped in front of the television or computer or both and the excitement she gets when she is learning something new. The school year also marks the return of a sort of forced control of my time that accompanies the responsibility of making sure my child shows up to school on time AND prepared. And, of course, the new school year with a backpack full of new supplies just waiting to be used.

For us back to school is usually an exciting but anxious time due to The Bee being separated from her school friends for so long and worrying if they will welcome her back (they always did) but this year, this new school year brings us to a new school, a totally new setting and we deal with uniforms, religion classes and being in the same school as her cousin. My head is also reeling! But I have to say The Bee took it all in stride. She was a little more reserved today as she tried on uniforms, very chatty when we picked up Arboo from school and when we dropped by Effin Guy’s store she greeted him with a small wave.

My fears about this new school are slowly coming to rest. The new community is welcoming all of the students with pizza and pretzels and a half day to get them familiar with the school. There is a parents meeting as well so that we can all get to know the teachers and see what we signed our kids up for.

The Bee did express concerns about the new bus route (I am happy to see the end if her journey on her last bus…fights and the police were the norm) but perked up when she realized that she would be home from school minutes after dismissal. She worried about the uniform but relaxed after I made her repeat the after school plan complete with a fresh Nellie-ism: When you get home from school don’t sh!t, shave or shower until you take off that uniform. The Bee worried about the religion classes she is going to take but calmed down when I offered to read through and learn with her. She was giving me SOME tween aged angst but I figure everyone gets one especially when they are starting a new school.

Here’s hoping to an early night and for her to have a great year.

Fresh starts for all,


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  1. Liz Henry says:

    I love the idea of a Night Before Back to School Post. I tucked the Kid in and gave her, what felt like, three billion hugs. She’s worried about her new classmates and going back. But today she said, “I think this is going to be a great year” which is very optimistic for her. She hates school because she struggles and works incredibly hard to make gains. Police on the school bus? Holy eff. What a nightmare. Half day is such a great transition for Bee. Public school here; they’re like wardens: sit still, don’t move, don’t look at anyone. Here’s to back to the grind. A welcome relief from panicking about screen time.

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