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I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump. I kinda have posts in me but I don’t have my laptop (needs to be fixed and my lack of fixing it has caused it not to be fixed), have been trying to keep my mooching to a minimum when I visit family and have been trying to follow myself imposed time management schedule so that I can get all that needs to be done for me to be me.

My sister had a fantastic idea of playing catch up for the Bloggy Moms Blog Dares. She wrote one post that captured a bunch of days and I am totes borrowing it. Actually, I’m behind in a score of things (I swear I’ll catch up…side eye at a few places I promised posts to) so here is me jumping to it:

The prompt for Saturday, January 14th was: 

I can’t believe my kids like…

My post was going to be awesomely titled: You Like WHAT?!? or She Likes It! She Likes It!


The Bee is all about pretzels dipped in icing. (Insert retching sound) 

Due to her dairy allergy there is always some type of restriction on what snacks she can have and well one day in a fit of frenzied snack packing we found that the dipping of a pretzel in icing is actually tasty. A dipping. Not the thick layer of sugared gooiness that she drowns her pretzels in. We have lots of icing containers at home, some well intentioned but terrible tasting homemade kinds and pretzel twists and sticks. I am known to take a dip but The Bee will get all fancy with sprinkles, colored sugar, one time I swear I saw her coat a pretzel stick with a Skittle!

The prompt for Sunday, January 15, 2012 

Why I don’t like a certain cartoon character.

My title: Jerry must DIE!

Dill and The Bee had me watching Tom and Jerry cartoons over winter break and even as I guffawed over Tom and Jerry’s antics I remembered why I had stopped watching. I HATE Jerry. Yes, hate is a strong word but I cannot stand how Jerry gets away with being such a pain in the butt! Sure, Tom starts his fair share of mess but Jerry keeps it going! Plus, cats always get a bad rap in cartoons. They do! Think about it! Cats are always being chased away, shooed. As a cat person (Lil!) I think there should be a cartoon about lovable cats. 

Top Cat does not count.

The prompt for Monday, January 16, 2012 I convinced my children to…

My title: You Don’t Have to Like it but You Have to Try it Once!

Subtitle: Try. In which I get all deep about ish.

The Bee is a good kid, really she is, but she can be quite timid. Her food allergies have made her shy away from trying newer recipes. Her subdued nature makes her more observer and that’s OK but barring the thing is not illegal, going to cause harm or place her in harm’s way I always encourage her to try things.

We had the pleasure of attending the ballet with Cecily and her kid, Tori, and we stopped for lunch and dessert. Gelato. The Bee studied the display case longingly and we bother were excited that there were dairy free offerings that we could try. But they were things like Kiwi and Dragon Fruit. Not high on our regular diet. The girl behind the counter scooped some on a spoon and encouraged The Bee to try it. You don’t have to like it but you should at least try it. The Bee didn’t like it but now she can say that she tried it, didn’t like it and can move on.

The prompt for Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The first time I saw…

Aren’t They Cute?

The Bee and Dill are a year and a half (or so) apart and are like peas and carrots. Always together, always playing, always a whispered story they are sharing. It didn’t really hit me how much they love and care for each other until we got lost at an amusement park. It was getting cold; we were wet and looking for my sister who thought it best to wait OUTSIDE the water park with our clothes. I was flipping and as I bitched and raged I turned to catch The Bee and Dill holding hands.

Just thinking about it makes me smile and makes me want to take another anger management class!

Now that they are older they are still the best of friends but that moment forever seals the two of them as little kids holding hands and loving each other.

The first time I laid eyes on my niece, Pop, was the day she was born.  When Buffy went in to labor I was at work and was called into my director’s office. Worried that I had done something wrong (doctors, hospitals, ya know) I took my time going in only to be met by Mom’s supervisor who was visibly shaken (Mom and I worked at the same place for a while. It was something…). Immediately I thought something had happened to my mom only to learn that after weeks of false alarms my sister had finally had “The baby!”

On the way to the hospital.


When I finally got to the hospital I was greeted by eight pounds of pure joy. I can honestly say at that moment I knew what unconditional love was and I remember thinking that I wanted to hold on to her forever and never let go. (She’s a teen now so…grr)

And with that, I’m caught up. *wipes tear*

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stroll down memory lane.



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