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On my mind today:

Last night I had the strangest dream…

1) Lack of sleep. I have been having the weirdest dreams lately and I KNOW it’s due to the upcoming summer reading program. I swear that after months of prepping, reading, typing and the like I still feel totally unprepared.
[Deep breaths]

-I have lots of help this summer
-So far, two days in and the worst that happened was some kid “researching” Europe and pulling all of the guide books off of the shelf.
-The performers that are scheduled seem to ROCK! (yes, I went there!)

Papaya, papaya….

2) My va-va-voom has become a boom-boom-boom (as in that’s the sound I make when I walk).

The XL tee really IS NOT hiding anything!

Not going to the track, eating too much of everything and stressing to boot? Yeah, I have put back on the six pounds I lost as well as a few more.
I can deal (sorta) with gaining weight. What I can’t deal with is how out of shape I feel! Sluggish, drained, tiiiiired to name a few of the adjectives that describe me now. And my poor heel is on fire! I wake in the morning and hobble around like an old lady for at least twenty minutes before I feel better.
Buffy and I have made it to the track but being lapped by her, a pack a day smoker, I realize that I can whine (done) and then get back out there.
BHMS and bunnies, here I come!
3) School is out…do you know where your children are?

Mine is back to the every other week ping pong match otherwise known as shared custody. I miss my girl and feel bad that she is bouncing back and forth. The Bee, on the other hand, is delighted that she has more people to share the stories, plays and other creative things that she has taken to writing.
[guess this shared things isn’t so bad….]
4) My house.
Um, moving on.
No, really. I am STILL not in yet although I do have a kick ass craft area. (priorities, smiorities)

Rachee will crochet…and eventually move.

Well, this chick is gonna boogie and hope to catch you later….


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