The Seven Day Hallmark Chalenge

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My sister and I attended school together until we headed our separate ways for college. We had decided that we wanted to try to do things apart and college was a way to no longer be known as “The Twins” but as our own selves. Despite getting what I wanted, FINALLY being known as a person and not just as one of the Twins, I would be so lonely and missed my sister so. Before cell phones were mainstream, before Facetime, instant messages and such we would have to call each other (long distance costs!) hope the pay phone (yes, pay phone) was free or write letters to each other. It would be such a treat to go to the mailbox and see a brightly colored envelope waiting for me with news about the day, with news about what she was doing in school and just chatting about everything.




An old birthday card from Buffy.
We’ve always liked cats

Lately I’ve gotten out of the practice of sending hand written notes. An e-mail or quick text message takes the place of the more personalized note. I tell myself that I will reconnect but something always comes up.


I took the Hallmark Get Carded Seven Day Challenge and decided to send cards to seven people I wanted to connect to.

The cards I sent out

The cards I sent out

I decided to use the cards to reach out to friends and family. I connected with some bloggers I had met in real life but never connected with again except online, friends who I see often but I never really get a chance to chat ‘for real’ and family.


Writing the cards was a tad difficult. I wanted to personalize each card but had to make sure

  1. People would be able to read it
  2. That  I wrote exactly what I wanted to say

I took a few days to get my thoughts together and then started card writing.

For my mom I sent a birthday card congratulating her on the new kidney she received.

For my brother-in-law, I sent a belated Father’s Day Card to honor his role as dad to Pop and Dill.

For my co-worker who drives me nuts at times but is one of my biggest supporters and greatest resources.

For my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop Leader who has words of wisdom that I cannot always hear but really appreciate.

For my friend Kim who stops by the library as if she is psychic to share a good word, motivate me or just make me laugh.

For my friend Kelby who helped me during a time I was a little down and out.

For my friend Brandi who is just the bomb. Seriously, Ms. Jeter is the Blogger’s blogger and if you don’ know her, you’d better fix that.


I’ve heard from Mom and my BIL who were happy to get their cards as well as my co-worker who called and texted me to thank me for the card.

Hallmark sent me a ten pack of cards to get started. I am hooked and excited to send more. I loved the reactions I have gotten so far and it was nice to hand write some things I have been wanting to say but felt a text or e-mail not quite personal enough.


Want to Take the Hallmark Get Carded 7 Day Challenge yourself?


GetCardedBadgeBloggers can apply at

Not a blogger but still want to send cards of your own? Use the code BLOG30 to buy cards for 30 percent off on

Have fun sending those cards and connecting with friends today instead of waiting.

Sending a little smile,



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  1. Robbie says:

    Love this! I use to send card to ppl ALL the time. I miss those days.

  2. Chasing Joy says:

    This is an awesome challenge. I’d love to do this 🙂

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