The Return of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

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Through my amazing ability to misjudge time (while I know deep in my being that it takes The Bee and I 43 minutes to get ready in the morning, I still keep thinking that 29 is enough), acts of God (it rained and the track is either a muddy mess or a slippery ER visit) and a bad case of Idonwanna (general laziness), my training has gone to hell. I have been missing my time at the track and working out in general as I let old familiar habits replace the new ’cause let’s face it, I didn’t feel like it.

As I mustered enthusiasm for my workout, I told myself my reward would be pizza, a Mudslide (shh!) and ice cream covered in whipped cream, chocolate and caramel (Hmmm! Caramel). I decided that I would give myself a few laps to get back into the groove and get my run on. After a lap or two I still struggled but kept at it as Dexy’s Midnight Runners seemed to be singing: Come on Missy!

The track was packed tonight! As my sister would say, everybody was getting it in! There were teens, a chick my age, an senior citizen couple, an Adonis type (a dude with blonde hair flying behind him who looked as if he should be featured in a toothpaste commercial) and beavers.
As I huffed and puffed around the track belittling myself, the shoulda, coulda, wouldas flew through my mind:

As in I should have gone to bed earlier all week so that I could get up even earlier than I needed to get my wog done in the morning.
I should have not had that bag of barbecue chips today (but man, were they good!)
I should have taken my clothes to the job so that I could have changed and headed straight for the track after I was done.

As in I could have made the time.
I could have run in the rain.
I could have taken The Bee with.

I would have gone to the track but I didn’t want to leave The Bee in the house alone
I would have taken my clothes to work but it was too humid/hot/wet

I am such a downer towards myself sometimes! While it was fifth circleish, I did manage to complete a 5K workout. After I finished berating myself, these are the observations that I made:

As confident as I can feel at times, there is nothing to make that all fly away then when a group of teens lap you-twice.

These high schoolers are as serious about their workouts as me! When I was their age (and admittedly at times now) I thought because I would arm myself with info about the latest workout, that was enough. These kids were all over the track, running and the like. Well, everyone except for the girl who insisted upon screeching as an integral part of working out whenever her male friend would run near her.

The beavers/groundhogs/whatevers are cuter from a distance. When they start to wander near the track, I need to wander to my car.

Today, I truly felt the burn. The burn of not having enough saliva to clear my throat should I need to call for help as well as my thighs resisting a movement not reminiscent of me creating an ass groove on the couch.

It’s over, I didn’t pig out although I did get some coffee and I am all set for tomorrow.

I can hit the track without worrying about The Bee’s safety, I shall aim for another 45 minutes work out and I will set my alarm for a semi-early hour.

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  1. ~Rachée says:

    I slept through my alarm. Oh well, the merry land of this evening awaits.

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