The Nitpicker’s Guide to …clubbin’!

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We be jammin‘!
Rachée in the house!

Last night I went to a club.
Me, out and hanging.
Ha, ha (think Nelson from The Simpsons)

To all who knows me: I am a homebody having hung up my dancing shoes many, many many moons ago when I realized that

  1. I was somewhere that people were actually packing heat (as the kids used to say)*
  2. I was never going to fit into that itty bitty black dress and
  3. I used to work night shift so nine times out of ten, I couldn’t go out anyway

Even when the Yayas have their Kicked Out, Cook Outs** I am often laying low on the sidelines nursing a Diet Pepsi and doing a self conscious shoulder sway.

I am not a drinker. It’s not that I don’t like alcohol or think it’s evil; I just don’t want to be able to taste it. I want a drink that is sweet, fruity, savory, etc.*** I can smell it but don’t want to taste it.

My friend William is a bouncer at a club called Vango. He had invited me a few times before. Last night was a late night so I threw caution to the wind, hopped on 76 and said WTH! I put stick in the mud Rachée away and decided to break free from convention and take his offer of “see me at the club” seriously.

It was Tuesday so there was not a huge crowd.
I did a few “woosahs” and stepped away from my comfort zone. Wired 96.5 was there with some swag and I actually danced. Think the Ickey Shuffle + Molly Ringwald from the Breakfast Club along with storytime starters and that’s me.

I had a ball!

Random thoughts:

Why does that guy in the scarf keep hopping around?
By all means I am not Baryshnikov, Ciara or Beyonce but what is he doing? He was fun and he informed me that he was just a White guy from South West Philly who was stuck in the ’80’s

That kid with the hat is a dancin‘! dancin‘! dancin‘ machine! Watch him get down!
Apparently professional dancers are hired to keep the crowd moving. There were four of them but one stuck out. He was awesome!

Why does this chick keep trying to dance with me?
I never had girlfriends who danced together. It wasn’t uncomfortable but damn! She was showing me up! (Not too hard by any means but I was trying to keep it low key!)

Why does this sweaty guy keep chatting me up?
William seemed to think that SG was hilarious. I was annoyed. Like a moth to a flame they flock to me. Curses for being too friendly! I had to give him full on mommy look.

Note eyebrows way up.

How long can I nurse this diet Pepsi?
Drinks start at 4 bucks. Hello? Public civil service worker here!

Why are so many people out tonight?
Don’t these people have work in the morning?

Prognosis: Will do it again. It was fun not being mommy and hanging out with grownups. I was invited to hang out again to support some club Monday.
Can’t wait to give it a go.


*this only happened once but all it takes is one bullet right?
**KOCO refers to Yayas being served with an eviction notice the day after because the music was too loud, the guests were too rowdy and the party was too long.
***Much as my love affair with coffee: I enjoy the smell, but sometimes I like lots and lots of milk. And sugar. And Hazelnut or Vanilla flavoring.


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