The Brown Wrapped Package…For Adults Only

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r’s note: This post is intended for mature audiences. So if you are under the age of 18 please stop reading. If you are offended by the idea that people (me) may or may not have sex or even think about it (a lot) stop reading. Also, if you are my mom or uncle STOP READING!

Now then, a blogging friend hipped me to EdenFantasys a while back, and after I blushed and giggled, I pretended not be interested. However, once I was alone, my kid asleep and my room door shut and rigged with a Wile E Coyote worthy alert system should kid wake up and enter my room, I visited the site.
Yes, EdenFantasys is an adult sex shop, but as a woman with a healthy sexual appetite, I decided there was nothing to be ashamed of as I clicked through to see what the site offered. The main page of the site offers a variety of sex toys. I found myself giggling again and then staring in awe at the offerings for people to use to spice up the bedroom. In addition to the “regular” things one would expect, there were items that were new to me, such as the Insignia Tiani, which is a G-spot vibrator. It looked complicated, but the description shared on the website eased my mind and gave me a better idea of what this was. The more I browsed the site the more comfortable I felt[.  Also,]I felt at ease looking at the available products.
EdenFantasys is not just about adult toys. There is lingerie to help one feel secretly sexy under her clothes (guilty!) or boldly sexy to share with a partner. I do appreciate the focus on safe sex as there are a variety of condoms and dental dams in stock. 

There are books and DVDs ranging from instructional to fiction. I will admit that I was disappointed to not see women like me represented but feel that the products are something that will and do transcend race.
Other non-sex things about the site include instructional videos about the products offered. A favorite blogger, The Bloggess, has a funny column in which she waxes charmingly about anything from Twitter trends to things people have sent her.

I felt totally comfortable after visiting the site and wouldn’t feel embarrassed about placing an order. There is some massage oil calling my name, and I think I will need it after my bout of exercising this weekend.

Take from that what you will.

Visit EdenFantasys for information about the best products for you (and your partner or just yourself) and just to explore the site for yourself. There is really nothing to be embarrassed about and here is a great way to embrace a more sensual you.



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