The 30 Day Lichi Challenge Week I Check In

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One week(ish) into the Lichi Super Fruit challenge.

Since I’ve started taking Lichi Super Fruit there have been no dramatic life changes ala NBC’s The Biggest Loser*  but I can say that I am down seven pounds (woo-hoo!) This could be because the last time I weighed myself it was that special time but seven is seven and I’ll take it. My life is still the same: work, kid, family, etc and taking these supplements have not made me feel like I am missing out or that I have to drastically alter what I eat or do. I have gone to a barbecue, had some baked goods but the biggest note is that I enjoy what I would like to satisfy me and then I keep it moving.

The detox part of the diet is over for now. With the shot I was to take in the morning I drank a glass of water. I am proud to say that I still reach for a glass of water first thing instead of waiting for my coffee to brew. I still enjoy my coffee with breakfast but am not drinking as many cups as before therefore not adding as much creamer each morning and I don’t miss it like I thought I would.

The probiotic is a daily thing and as it’s only been a week I have nothing quite to report. This also helps remind me to drink my water in the AM.  Again, no dramatic life changes but there still have been no embarrassing or painful side
The supplements seem to help curb my appetite. I totally admit that since I have been more aware of what I am putting in my body. I am conscious of what my body is asking me to do, if I am indeed hungry or if I am thirsty, tired or bored. Last night I did overindulge with a bag of nuts but it didn’t lead to the all out binging that I would normally partake in. It helps to take the pills at the same time each day; a few times I took the pills at when I remembered but I find  that if I take them when I have lunch, and drink my water, I am not feeling like inhaling everything in my fridge when I get home from work.

Other changes:
I’ve been working out more and it doesn’t feel forced. Each evening for twenty five minutes while watching television, listening to The Bee read or listening to an audio book I have pulled out the weights and have been working out. The track is next. No longer can I use the “there is no time” excuse nor can I use the I can’t get there excuse. I’ve even started getting up and starting my day with some curls (gotta get those Michelle Obama arms), abs or other thing that I would normally make some excuse not to do,

It’s only been a week but I like the way I feel about what is next. It feels possible to keep up with this program and I am getting more and more comfortable with the skin I’m in.

Sipping, sipping, sipping,

I’m posting this late; It’s been a total of ten days since I started.
I was given a sample of Lichi Super Fruit but all thoughts and words are my own


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