#TBCCrafters: It’s Mo Willems Day!

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The library that I work for is an official host for Children’s Book Week and to celebrate we had a Mo Willems party. Mo Willems, if I may gush a moment, is one of the my favorite children’s authors to read. His books are all about feelings, all about emotions and his books really capture the point of view of children.

So, for our party we read
The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (Pigeon) (and shared a healthy snack!)
Leonardo, the Terrible Monster
We Are in a Book! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)
That Is Not a Good Idea!

To extend the books we had these crafts:
The Pigeon has feelings too!
Pictures of the pigeon was posted and children had to use a word bubble on a stick to draw what they thought the pigeon was feeling or write a feeling word.

We are in a Book!
Chidren could take a picture with Elephant and Piggie complete with word bubbles.

Make a Pigeon Hat
Create a hat of the pigeon using different shapes.

Create an Elephant and Piggie comic Strip

Character Word Scramble
Using laminated letters we unscrambled the names of the characters from the book we read

Don’t Let the Pigeon play with this app!
Check out the link. We had 15 or children plus a few adults play with the app.

Make a terrible monster (inspired by Leonardo)
You can make your own!

For this craft we used scissors, construction paper, crayons, glue, feathers and foam pieces.

Easy peasy!
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  1. stephanie says:

    Cbear is obsessed with the pigeon books. I’m so glad his teacher told me because I now know what to add to our summer reading list!

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