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I have been in a craftyish mood starting and working projects (there are some WIPS), stash busting, (almost) FINISHING a project and trying new things (I worked with an E hook this week!). Here are some random crochet thinks.

Treat all of your tools well!

When hooking, I often dive into the project without thinking about the craft itself. I will grab my hooks, yarn and the pattern and have at it without giving a thought to the HOW or WHY of what I am doing. In my mind the finished project spoke volumes and that was all that was needed. But as I’ve matured as a crafter I have come to realize that I am missing some great information by not learning more about the HOWs and WHYs of the the craft that I do. It’s not time consuming as I had once thought. In fact, the more I read about needle arts, the more I enjoy what I am doing. I was on Pinterest looking for a project when I came across the blog for Freshstitches. Stacey has amazing cute items but I really like her stretches for crafters:

The Miseducation of the End of the Row

When I first started hooking my pieces were all kins of jacked. Wavy, losing rows, adding stitches. The people who kept my stuff were very kind because…yeah.
Kim Werker provides a step by step tutorial on the Crochet Me website to help get thee to the end of the row.

WIPs (back and forth)

I oft suffer from serious cases of the Idunwannas. I really do. I will be all gung ho about starting a project and then my crochet-DD kicks in and POOF! the project has landed in unfinished limbo, that place where projects go to wait for frogging. Lindsay from Painting Lilies has a post about a particularly vexing WIP. I like it for the simplicity as well as knowing that it’s not just me!


You Dropped the Bomb On Me

My thoughts on yarn bombing veer between thinking its a waste of yarn and time to thinking its is cool. This picture from Lion Brand makes me wanna upcycle and repurpose some things in my house. Then I think of the dust and change my mind.

Game on

Can we talk about the hours I spent playing Tetris? I am surprised I can write due to the cramping I would get from clutching a controller in my hand! The Tetris blanket seems cool. Knowing me, it will take forever and three days to finish…all of that weaving in? Bah! But there is something so fun about this blanket. If I could wrap my mind around making 150 granny squares and then putting them together I think I may have found the replacement for the Cat Blanket.

Source: it8bit.com via Rachée on Pinterest

The Magic Circle!

How many times have I had to frog something because I have a huge hole in it from screwing up that beginning circle? Zero, cause that’s how I roll (I don’t roll) but from now on I Will NOT have to frog things!
Here is a Magic Circle tutorial. This tutorial is cute and I was looking forward to seeing what else was available on the blog but I cannot tag the blog; it seems to be down!

What crafty goodies are you working on?
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