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Last week I was asked to review the SuperMe messenger style lunch bag. It was right on time as my little cousin was attending camp last week and mentioned that she needed something to keep all of her “gear in” for a trip. I passed the bag along to my aunt, her grandmother, and waited a few days to see how she liked the bag.

Her thoughts are below.

My thoughts on the bag:
I felt that the snaps were a little difficult to maneuver. In the video, “Mrs. Popcorn” (my cousin’s alter ego!) has difficulty navigating the snaps. I was concerned that she would injure herself.

Where are the characters of color?
 I hate to throw race in the mix but why couldn’t one of the heroes depicted be a child of color? The swap out patches could have featured a few optional characters who were African American or some other culture/race.

I love that the swap out patches featured a variety of ideas and weren’t beholden to a particular sex. My cousin claims that she is “not all that girly” and would have been happy with the fashionista or the explorer.

The bag was roomy enough to be used as something other than a lunch bag.
I realize the intention of the bag is to help carry lunch but we used the bag as so much more! My cousin was able to use the bag for a camp trip and it was used to carry snacks and other essentials during a back and forth between grandma’s house and home.

I really like the bag and the fact that the straps could be removed and used as a fanny pack.

r’s note: In the spirit of disclosure please know that I was sent a bag to review. All thoughts and opinions are my (or my cousin’s!) own. If you are interested in a Bubblicious Messenger Bag, check out the Super Me Hero website by clicking this link.


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