Sunday Sights: Upper Darby Christmas Party

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R’s note:  This post started out to be a snarky bitchfest due to me not seeing eye to eye with some of the ‘rules’ of UD bureaucrats but following my new 2-2-2 (or in this case 24-24-24 rule) a cooler key stroke has prevailed. Plus I figured this post would be cathatic and I would let some of ‘that’ go.

Upper Darby held it’s annual holiday party Saturday. BIL was ole Saint Nick, I was reading stories, The Bee and Dill worked with Buffy to pass out stuffed animals to kids who were visiting Santa. There were also a score of other people volunteering their time to ensure that clothes were sorted and folded, toys separated into piles and the snacks were appetizing.

My storytime wasn’t quite as envisioned. The kids were anxious to see Santa and their parents kept trying to take my books (oh! I thought they were giveaways!).  Instead of using the corner set up for me, I read to kids while they waited on line to speak with Santa. As I read there were some really into the stories and others who were more interested in the table full of cookies and juice boxes.

There was a great, huge turnout! People were lined up at least an hour before to get the chance to visit Santa and to take advantage of the clothes drive*.  A part of me was so happy to see people having an opportunity to get the stuff that they needed. Another part thanked my blessings for while it’s been rough these last few weeks I have been fortunate enough to make it work. Yet another was appalled at the absolute greed and selfishness that some people were consumed by.

While the day was a pretty positive day there were moments that made me appreciate the Friends philosophy that my kid has learned. Please and thank you were not the magic words. More and I don’t like it seemed to be the motto of the day. People complained about the FREE gifts that Santa gave them. One kid moped because he got a truck instead of the Transformer’s toy that he spied on stage. People tried (and succeeded) in taking more than their ONE free stuffed thing. Yes, yes…there were at least 300 stuffed toys (including a dear hippo that I didn’t want but squee’d over a few times) but as people swarmed in that number declined steadily. Add in the gimme factor and there were scraps left.

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…we’re just starting!
And this behaviour was not limited to the kids! Adults readily pushed their kids to take another for a friend that wasn’t there, a cousin who was sick or just because it was there. One father even hushed his kid when the kid told him that he wasn’t supposed to take an extra stuffed thing.


The staff were upbeat and seemed happy to help although a few were flirting with making me resort to old Rachee**. I’ve painted a bleak picture of a grab and go crowd but there were a few thankful people who appreciated what they could get and one girl even drew a picture for Santa. One girl thanked me for the story and a dad practiced signing ‘Happy Christmas Santa’ with me. A few grabbed some of the organizers and thanked them for the opportunity and I overheard a kid talking about volunteering next year.

Next year, cause yessireebob I am a glutton for abuse, I think I will make the case for older kids. Despite the plethora of donations, the donations of things for the under 8 crowd outnumbered the tween aged items by a good 5 to 1. The donations for the little ones were plentiful and the donations for the older kids were limited to a few decks of cards, a Frisbee and a bejeweled soccer ball.

The Bee and Dill had a ball and Santa hung his picture on the fridge.

Here are some pics from the day***.

The Bee and Dill, Santas Little Helpers!

Santa’s UD helper


The Bee seeing Santa.
Per her: I don’t believe but I knew you wanted a picture

Dill and Santa

The Weed and Seed crew

One happy young lady

The clothes drive

 *I can’t lie; I scored an awesome pair of gloves to match the scarf I made some time ago and to replace the ones The Bee keeps ‘borrowing.’
**Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.
***The official photographer from the day was hesitant to share his pictures because despite him not getting permissions to photograph anyone (he took at least three pics of The Bee and myself and never got my permission) he was afraid that my blog may have a malicious tone. Letting it go…now.


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