Sunday Runday

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When you’ve gotta run and you don’t feel like running.

Sundays are my longer run days and I woke up feeling a slight headache, a case of the idonwannas and just mentally prepared for a meh run.

The universe had other ideas.

First, I couldn’t find any of my workout things. Mostly because I haven’t done laundry but I digress. Then, couldn’t find my gear because I hadn’t put it away after yesterday’s run.

Tip: Gather your gear and clothes up so you don’t waste ten minutes retracing your steps.

When I met up with @madaboutfashion and @onebadmotherrunner we decided on a route that would take us past where the the 4th annual Legacy of Hope annual stair climb was taking place. We were going to meet a sorority sister of L and P to give her some support during her climb.

The first part of the run was full of conversation about life and a recap of P’s mother’s funeral and left us all questioning why people do the things they do.

Aside…why are people?

We saw a beautiful sunrise

And made it to the stairs.

We ran into K who took time out of her climb to drop some words of encouragement to P, words that touched me as well due to my own recent family loss.

The second half of the run was so much lighter. After K’s words I felt like instead of thinking about “having” to run I should be thinking “I get to run.”

I’m still sitting with K’s words and what the feelings I had meant. Seeing the support and camaraderie of Black women literally holding each other up makes me so glad that I get to run. My runday started as meh but has ended on such a high note.

Watching the walkers climb the stairs gave me such a warm feeling. Running has been so much about me. What I can do to move better, get faster, get stronger but watching people be so selfless for those who cannot gave me a different reason for lacing up.

Legacy of Hope provides emergency support to patients in the Philadelphia area. Visit them online and give them support.

May you all find your happy place.


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