Storytime Made Simple

Storytime Made Simple

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I feel like it’s been a while since I shared a storytime or work related post so let’s do it.

Usually around this time of year I can be found fussing about not feeling ready for the annual summer reading program my library hosts. I’ll be somewhere worrying about some work thing or just feeling overwhelmed by life because my FOMO is high. This summer, I decided to KISS my worries away and so far it’s been a series of full but satisfying work days. I think some of this new found light feeling may have to do with some staff changes at work and I am here to say I love it.

One of the things I do struggle with is Infant storytime. I love the babies (Have you SEEN #selfieswithbabiesinlibraries on Instagram? Adorbs!) but performing the storytime for babies can be a bit of a struggle. Some weeks I have a riveted audience who will follow along with the songs and rhymes and then there are days when chaos rules and the babies are running all around the room, the parents are chatting with each other and I feel like I need to examine my whole reason for being.

Today seemed to be headed into the direction which would find me hiding in the staffroom. I left two of the books that I wanted to read at home. There were only a handful of people in attendance and one little boy told anyone who would listen why he would not be listening to books being read.

Kids keep it real and it’s humbling.

However, everything clicked and I think I found a bunch of books that go together like peas and carrots.

Storytime Made Simple

Storytime Made Simple


What seems like a bunch of random books made for a fun storytime.

After a variation of a warm up, we started with Bob Shea’s Dinosaur vs the Potty. This is one book that is best acted with lots of loud roars, a WWE announcer voice and lots of over acting.

Storytime Made Simple

I love “I Can, Can You?” by Marjorie Pitzer. It features children with Down’s Syndrome modeling everyday behavior. With the toddlers we worked our way through the book showing that yes, we can do it!

Storytime Made Simple

The Raffi book I wanted to read was checked out but I found a substitute. With scarves, bells or shaker eggs we read/sang Shake my Sillies Out.

Storytime Made Simple

I am a sucker for animal sounds and Eric Carle always has a book that just fits. With The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, we used scarves to paint colors around the room. This book is also good for signing animals and colors.

Storytime Made Simple


For movement, I made a new activity cube. This animal themed cube is perfect for little hands to handle and the animals that they need to imitate are easy to do without frustration. The idea is similar to one I found on Pinterest.

Storytime Made Simple


Afterwards was a free playtime and my parents helped cleanup!

Letting my FOMO (fear of missing out) go and just enjoying the moment has been great. That sense of competing and feeling not good enough is gone and I am able to just enjoy being.

Tell me…do you have a favorite go to picture book? Share it in the comments! I love finding new reads and adding them to my program.



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  1. Robin Rue says:

    My kids are past the picture book phase because they are older, but we had some AWESOME ones about Boston and the Red Sox when they were little that they really loved.

  2. Those are such cute books! We practically archived our children’s books. I have a children’s book thing.

  3. Bill Sweeney says:

    These look like great books. I used to get books like this for the kids all the time when they were little. I love the art style on these.

  4. I have older kids now but we still love “The Hungry Caterpillar” what a classic. You have picked out a great assortment and you must be a big hit.

  5. Myrah Duque says:

    Wow the art on these books is magnificent! Shake My Sillies Out sounds like a winner for my nephews!

  6. Sounds like a fun storytime for babies! My granddaughter used to go to a storytime every Saturday but she has a hard time sitting still now haha.

  7. Lisa Favre says:

    These look like great stories – especially for learning how to go potty with Dinosaur vs the Potty! I love going to the library to discover new reads.

  8. Valerie Gray says:

    It is always fun to read to kids. I think the earlier you read with them the more they enjoy it. I don’t think I read any of these books to my child. I wish I saw them when he was young enough to enjoy these books.

  9. Kait says:

    I don’t have one favorite picture book that my son loves. He really just wants anything with cars or trucks. This is a great list of picture books. I might have get a few of these for my son to read. The Potty Time one would be perfect for him right now.

  10. Amanda Love says:

    I can imagine the struggles on days where the babies would rather not cooperate. I think it’s awesome that you managed to survive the day though, despite one little boy’s behavior. These are a nice line up of books! Love how you put them all together.

  11. I appreciate your random book recommendation.
    I will share this with my sister-in-law; she has four little boys.

  12. Kita Bryant says:

    It sounds like you honestly take this seriously. Rightfully so! Reading for kids can change their lives. Keep at it, girl!

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    This is a great list of picture books. I will probably get some for my 18 month old grandson. He loves picture books with animals and we have lots of laughs when he tries to make an animal sound.

  14. Wow it really looks a cute book and perfect for the kids I would love this on my niece and she can learn to read

  15. Kelly Stilwell says:

    Anything involving babies can be totally unpredictable lol! But definitely fun and rewarding!

  16. It’s lovely that you’re doing this and it’s definitely something to look forward to. Love how you handled the situation!

  17. Kiwi says:

    Aw some of these books are too adorbs and I dont have any kids. Hopefully you wont suffer from too much FOMO and enjoy yourself too!

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