Spring Fever

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One may be confused by the conflicting messages that the weather is giving. The calendar says its Spring yet the chill in the air screams winter. Please, be confused no more. Spring Fever is in the air as made noticeable by the shenanigans and goings on at the two libraries that I work. It’s been coming; I’ve noticed that the teen boys hanging after school are a bit more rambunctious, loud, and fragrant. I’ve noticed that the teen girls have been giggling more and a bit more rambunctious, loud and fragrant. The ‘tweens have been rammy; like they have ants in their pants and they need to dance. There are more tantrums and meltdowns – and this is the staff!

In the last two days, I have had to put on my total mommy persona and give the kids what for a few times. There is a perfectly good park down the street from my library yet the boys feel the front steps and the driveway are the most appropriate settings to skateboard and play football. The girls like to travel in a mob through the stacks, to the teen room to the computers and back. The little ones are having frequent meltdowns and tantrums. Running through the stacks and throwing stuff. What is that about? Thinking I was going to get a reprieve I headed to the grown-up library. yeah. It’s in the air there too! Grown women acting a fool! Arguing about Facebook posts, screeching (cause what they were doing was NOT talking) and mumbling.

Hopefully the fever will end and the calm will return.
Until then be on the look out for the locced woman with her eyebrows totally meeting her hairline and the stern look on her face.

Don’t make me shush your *ss,


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