Souper Sunday: Roasted Eggplant Soup

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So, I asked Professor Facebook for ideas about soup recipes and they did not just deliver, the showed off!

My friend Liz, shared her recipe for Roasted Eggplant Soup and I was a little skeptical at first. My experience with eggplant has been dicey so I kept putting off trying it. The Librarian, however, was keen to give it a go, picked up some eggplant from the Overbrook Farmer’s Market and I was not about to let those veggies rot on my watch!

Liz provided a recipe from The Smitten Kitchen and shared that she skips the cheese and cream, which is huge because she LOVES cheese. (Aside…Liz is awesome, wife, mom of three and has a small business of beautiful handmade cards…check her out!)  Since I am trying to make meals that everyone can eat safely due to dietary restrictions (The Bee’s dairy allergy, The Librarian and I watching our sodium intake) I was relived that I could skip the cream since I have been working on alternatives to adding dairy to dishes.

Tomatoes from the garden were used and I threw in some spinach (didn’t want that to go bad either!) and otherwise followed the recipe. Spoiler alert…the recipe is creamy as is and so dang good!

Souper Sunday: Roasted Eggplant Soup

Parchment Paper is my fave

I added extra spice…crushed red pepper flakes are my newest go to as well as spies from Penzys and the result was a creamy soup, savory with a little kick.

OK…this picture does not allow for the full yummy that is this soup BUT I share it to show off the Kitchen-Aid Immersion Blender that I use. This is one of favorite kitchen tools! I was able to puree the cooked soup (after it cooled) and this just fantastic tool to have for cooking.




This little wand is small but she be mighty!

I do want to serve the soup with some sticky rice. I have been on a sticky rice bend since taking the Recipe for Change class at the Free Library’s Culinary Center. The soup can be served alone but y’all…rice!

Thoughts from the family:
The Librarian:
I like how it warmed the back of your throat and gave a small but overpowering kick. It was flavorful and savory.
Note: He did not turn down seconds.

The Bee took a little more to convince. She was skeptical of eggplant, won’t even try the soup. I blame my eggplant fails from the past. Whatever…more soup for me!

Tell me…Eggplants…how many of you love them? Will you try it?



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  1. messylifesorted says:

    I love eggplants! This one is a must try 🙂

  2. Jen Seislove says:

    Of all the soups I had and devoured, I must admit I’ve never had eggplant soup! Looking forward to trying this!

  3. OohBother says:

    I definitely need to try this! It looks right up my alley!! YUM!!!

  4. Im a vegetarian, but eggplant is not something I love… I tweeted this for some other eggplant lovers!

  5. 101foodtravel says:

    Oh my I love eggplants but I have to stop eating it since lately I seems to be allergic to it.

  6. I have two big eggplants ready to pick out of my garden, definitely going to try this when they are ready.

  7. Amy says:

    I am not a current lover of eggplant, but this looks and sounds yummy! I want to like it, so I may give this a try now that soup weather is finally here in East TN.

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