Soundtrack for Procrastinators

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Instead of washing the mountain of laundry that seems to multiply and reproduce between Friday and Monday I have decided to listen to some tunes. Sure I could pop some headphones on and do what I need to do but as Queen of Procrastinators I am exercising my right to screw around.

Sophie Milman’s Back to Home

Noisette’s Sister Rosetta

Erik B and Rakim’s I Ain’t No Joke

Jamiroqui’s Virtual Insanity

Ayo’s Life is Real

Jackson 5’s Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)

Foreigner’s Hot Blooded (’cause anyone who has ever worked with me know why the temperature goes up when I’m around!)

Billie Holiday’s Good Morning Heartache (Billie got me through some rough times!)

Melanie’s Brand New Key from Boogie Nights Soundtrack.

Favorite line in movie: Colonel

(to Marky Mark’s character Dirk Diggler): “Jack says you’ve got a

great big c*ck.”

Alright. No more procrastinating.

Washing clothes in 5…4…3…2…




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