Soundtrack for mourning: The King is dead, the Queen* is through

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Michael Jackson died last week.

Typing that sentence felt weird. While I will not proclaim to be the avid MJ fan, Michael Jackson was a part of my growing up. The Jackson 5 cartoon Saturday mornings; Buffy, Leaky and I making up dances to his songs. That concert in the rain; the Pepsi commercial when his hair caught fire. Watching him moonwalk on Motown 25. The ish used to come to a stop when MJ premiered a new video. It wasn’t just a video; it was an event!


Here is a soundtrack of MJ jams that I jam to.

Wanna Be Startin Something? Buffy and I used to do our “having a fit dances” to this one and of course you’ve gotta scream at the “Woo!”

Butterflies: When I first started wearing my hair natural my stylist Christine hipped me to this song. While twisting we would listen to this thing on repeat. After I hated it (non-stop listening) I heard it again and thought it was pretty sweet.

PYT: The Bee sings the chorus as such, “I want to love you! itta dotta dih!” Sing it out loud. You’ll see what I mean

Beat It (Which cannot be talked about without Eat It): When MJ was at his prime. Although would you really be afraid of the, um gangs?

Bad: Wesley Snipes was in this video! Before he became such a douche. And again, are you scared of these gangs? Especially dude on the skates. Just saying.

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough: Another crank it up and jam. One of my favorite wog tunes.

I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You: I originally wanted this for a song when I was to be married. I still like it.

Got To Be There: I like young MJ. His voice was so clear and innocent.

I Want You Back: Young MJ again.

Thriller: Do I even need to talk about this? The zombie chick in white kicks it!

Black or White: I like this song and the video (except for the feeling himself up part which goes to all of the videos when MJ bops. Double yuck!) When I am shelving, shelf reading or some other tedious task and this comes on I do a little head roll a la Michael

We Are the World: I remember Live Aid. My parents video recorded it and we watched it for weeks.

Scream: The Bee listens to this song during our ride to school.

Dancing Machine: How slick; all the Jacksons looked moving as one…in silver jumpsuits

She’s Out of My Life: As tender and beautiful as this song is I always associate this song with Eddie Murphy and his comedy act: “Tito, get me a tissue; Jermaine, Stop teasing”

My mom sobbed like a baby (Hence the title. My sister calls my mom Queenie and MJ was, nay is the King of Pop). I blogged and crocheted a small Grim Reaper. I know I am a heartless skank. Anyhoodle, say what you will about MJ, freak, weirdo, eccentric, genius. This man was phenomenal and there will be no other.



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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    Remember when Queenie cried herself to sleep during a MJ televised concert? And the making of Thriller was the first time a video was made into a feature length video? Sigh for MJ.

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