Soundtrack for a iPod that is no longer there

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Some sonuvabeetch stole my iPod!

I will admit that I have culpability; I left my iPod in the pocket of my bag which was underneath my desk at work. Clearly the little turd thief was so tempted due to my blatant flaunting of my electronic dohickey.

Fudge ripple honey sticks!

I waited to post because I always lose my stuff. My phone was MIA for a week (it was in the pocket of another bag), my iPod had spent many a day under the driver’s seat in my car and I spend plenty of time playing my favorite games: Where is MAC card?, second only to Where are my keys?.

Funky Uncle Can’t Kick!

“Times are too tough to be losing your stuff!” one of Mom’s friends recently told Loot. And they are. I can’t afford a new iPod now, especially the one I’d want. There are cookies to be bought (The Bee is a scout and Samoas Caramel Delights are calling), car notes, insurance and a bunch of other ‘goes with being an adult crap’ to attend to.


It vexes me greatly that someone would steal from me. Not that I’m someone special but I thought as Miss Rachée I had a bit more clout and cred. Hell, my iPod even says Rachée’s tunes on the back of it so there was no way anyone could have gotten confused or been mistaken.

Aside: If you see a white iPod engraved with ‘Rachée’s tunes’ NOT being listened to by The Bee or myself, let me know!

[rolling my eyes hard]

During my more zen moments I reason that someone really must have needed my iPod in order to get money for food, medicine or some other necessity but the evil part of me jumps in and cries “Shenanigans! Some greedy sonovabeetch stole my stuff.”

The Bee talked me down the other day when she said, “It’s just a thing Mommy. It’s not like they took me.” I agree but shucks! I want my stuff.
And I want it back.

Soundtrack for a missing iPod:

Beck’s Loser: I shuffle back and forth feeling that this song is for me leaving my stuff out (I’m the loser) or for me having lost my stuff.

U2 With or Without You
It’s Over by The Cheetah Girls
Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek
Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

I can’t even think of other songs. No music to inspire me.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I say the Bee got it right. You can’t take it with you. Although at 9 saying, “It’s just a thing” is easy because you don’t have to work for your stuff; you just ask! You get it faster if you ask a stranger with a fat a s s and a red suit. But you got to admit she is on to something. At your age you should not lose a damn thing. Keys,credit cards, money is our business. You take care of your business because that is your life. Ever been locked out in the cold, go to pay for groceries and money is gone or had your identy stolen? It ain’t pretty. Remember the movie Cast Away. Everything Tom Hanks amassed had value. You can learn a lot from a movie.

  2. ~Rachée says:

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  3. ~Rachée says:

    You are correct. I should not be losing stuff at my age but there are a laundry list of other stuff I could be doing so getting lost and losing stuff is me. (RDRR)
    Yeah…not a Tom Hanks fan but I am really getting rid of the wants, looking more at what I have but I still can’t stand the fool that stole my stuff.

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