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I saw this tweet from Sue Batt on Twitter the other day:

“Little by little, one walks far.” J.R.R. Tolkien

I saved the tweet. It spoke to me and at first I wasn’t sure why. When I realized that this quote is like my favorite quote, A jouand I wasn’t sure why.
lately I have been having good things happen to me, around me for me but there is always a part of me that seems to think that I am not doing something right. Not good enough, not well enough but then I realize that its all good. Its ok and its time for me to think that about what is next.

Instead of thinking about me all of the time I need to focus on all things not Rachee.

This week I am going to look forward:
Work…I am going to treat my job like I did when I first started. Give it my all from 9 to 5 and fall in love with it again.
Home…I ask for the help I need to get my house where I want it to be. Its looked like I


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