#SOCS: I’m annoyed…the body edition

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This week I am linking up with Jana’s Thinking Place for Stream of Consciousness Sunday here and on Say it Rah-shay. The prompt (always optional and mostly speaking right to me) I’m annoyed by… was so nice that I had to answer it twice.

Last week I shared The Crunch Challenge on Say it Rah-shay. Disclosure: I really thought I was posting that challenge on this blog but it’s no biggie. The message went through and my abs are being challenged like nobodiy’s business.

That’s not what I’m annoyed by. I am totally annoyed by…

Why haven’t I been doing these crunches all along? Sure, I should congratulate myself for doing them now but if I had started when I was in that weight loss challenge, stopped and started again around my birthday I would be further along.

The above annoys me. Why can’t I allow myself to be happy with the fact that I am doing something anything instead of berating myself for not doing it sooner?

My pants.
I think there is a little elf that lives in my closet adjusting the button holes. Why, oh why is everything so tight?

Workout DVDs (tapes, videos)
Why are they so boring? I know there is a method but warm up…grapevine,…Bah!
Where is something that is fun? I don’t want to keep marching in place…I want to kick booty.

The gym
Why is there always that one girl half naked doing soft pornish type of stretches. (this one is totally haterade fueled as I’ve been having trouble touching my feet lately)

Once again weight, even with me publicly talking about it, is a group mission.
Why is it that people think they need to comment on how heavy/ much weight gained/ how large one is/has gotten? You don’t think we, all right *I* don’t know? (See the pants thing above). Thank you sir but have a seat somewhere with your…”helpful” remarks. I know I’m out of breath, that my shirt is snug, that my skirt looks painted on. Did you really think I didn’t notice that the once normal boobs are kinda sitting on my neck? Has it occurred to anyone that shopping is difficult. The size I am is new and I am still getting used to the fact that clothing designers think women with curves love ugly patterns that look like someone fell asleep while mixing things together. I may not always want to wear black; I’m not a ninja. And the colors I’d like to wear don’t have to be on everything at once. And those boobs I was talking about…why must the dresses available for me all have that belt thing right under them? They don’t need any help being noticed.

A picture may be worth 1000 words and mine are all saying SOS! A friend posted a picture from last summer. I am not sure if I should thank him or strangle him. I look like I’m beyond washing myself with a rag on a stick and have bumped it to spritzing with a sponge.

Ok. My time has been up but I will say this:
While I do feel some regret about NOT working out consistently before I really am really happy that I’ve started now. It’s for me, one day at a time and not to shut up some “helpful” big mouth. I’ll share and do what I can as I can and will really be happy to keep loving me as I find the thing that fits.

Off my soapbox.

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  1. Unie says:

    I personally find dancing DVDs to be a lot of fun. My favorite is BYOU. It’s geared toward teenage girls, but still a lot of fun. It’s a small preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWujUP7rw3E

    It goes slow at first and then speeds up. It took me months to learn the dances though.

    1. Unie says:

      But if you really want to kick butt, maybe you should look into Taibo DVDs

  2. a.eye says:

    This tickled me!

    Congrats on getting back to the crunches. I saw a similar thing (I think, though I don’t know what yours is) for squats and one for pushups (working up to 100).

    Good luck trying to find a good DVD and trying to avoid the soft porn strecher.

  3. Sandra says:

    This made me laugh! No, you are not a ninja, and yes doesn’t everyone want to look better naked?? 😉 Thanks for having some fun with your followers, Rachee. Have a great day!

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