#socs: I’m Annoyed By…the Holiday Edition

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The prompt (always optional and mostly speaking right to me) I’m annoyed by… was so nice that I had to answer it twice.

Holidays are such a stressful time. It seems that the holidays find me in one of two places: working too damn much to do the fun holiday things or broke and feeling insecure about doing the holiday things.

This year I am feeling annoyed by the holidays because I am so over the stress of Black Friday, shopping until I drop, worrying about the right gift and NOT giving enough. I want to make it all go away and lay around somewhere eating bon-bons but my kid doesn’t like bon bons and well, neither do I.

I really wish I knew how to fully express that holidays blow. As an adult. With family that is way too close for comfort at times. Run this errand, do this, can you help me with this? Can we go there? Why haven’t you?
No. I really just want a relaxed day, no agenda, no expectations, just some trashy tv, a nap and maybe a movie. Instead it’s planned and stressful and then I am the bad person when I say eff it.

I am annoyed that there were holiday commercials in October (although I was kinda digging the Target “the lights, the light, the lights…) one. Don’t tell me what I want and need. I know what I want. Coffee. And a book.

I’m annoyed that everything is no longer fun and simple. It’s like a contest to see who can outshine, out buy, out decorate and I am not a fan (I am, however, a hypocrite because despite my protests I am the main one posting pictures)! I want to make cookies but then I feel like I should take pictures of each step for the blog and then I feel like I can’t cause my kitchen is a hot mess and then there are no cookies cause dammit, I just don’t want to wash dishes and how in the world did my counter get so flippin’ junky and why oh why are there socks on top of the fridge and how did the sugar end up in the freezer and you know what? I don’t want to know.

And there are still no cookies. Except for those almost nasty but I’ll eat them anyways but I am really not enjoying them cookies from the store. That come in a white box (you know who you are)

I guess I could make my own traditions, just bake the damn cookies, spend time with the kid and relax. Yes. That’s it.

Bring on that Charlie Brown tree and get ready for a Rachee Christmas to remember.
One that is not so…annoying.


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