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I get so caught up in the woe is me that life brings that I often forget to stop and count my blessings. Today I am so thankful for my beautiful daughter, whom you all know as The Bee. As I type this The Bee is happily playing with Play Doh, a gift from a blogging event that she went to with me. Something as simple as her molding colored clay has warmed my heart. The Bee is a tween so there are times when she is either delirously happy with me or doing what I call her Linda Blair, frowning and ready to slam a door. But the last few days have been a joy. She is smart, she is happy, she ius loving and even though she refuses to call me “mommy” anymore and insists on the grating “Mo-om” I look at her and fall in love all over again. Love at being a mother, love at the joy she brings me, love at the person she is becoming.
I am so proud to be her mother and excited for the next stages, no matter what they bring. I love my daughter.

Here’s to The Bee.

Happily sculpting

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  1. I love being a mom as well. My daughter is 10 months and am looking forward to what the future will bring a well! 🙂

  2. Following from SOCS! My kiddo is only two, but I know I’ll blink and he’ll be all grown up!

  3. timberleavs says:

    great post and I totally get it! My daughter is now 18 and she is truly my best friend. I am in awe of the woman she has become.

  4. Brandi says:

    Yes! This is really beautiful. We all do it. We get so bogged down with the “stop”, “no”, “sit down”, that sometimes we have to just stop and look at how cool our kids really are! Your Bee is super cute, too!

  5. I love that you can appreciate who she is right now and know that it’s all part of the path to shaping her to be a beautiful woman! (but not for a few years 😉 )

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