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r’s note: This post totally took more than five minutes.

Working in two libraries, one public, one “academic” one would think I would never run out of things to talk about. I could write a book but the fear that someone will read a post one day, get their butt on their back and then complain about it thus causing me to get fired and then with no paycheck The Bee and I will be forced to split and I would be relegated to fighting Lil for car food because I’d be HONGRY makes me pause before I write about the things I think about. But today here is something that I think I can safely write about because I have observed this thing happen not just at work but in a variety of custoimer servce settings: Greetings.

A kid walked up to the desk today and thrust a DVD at me. When I looked at him like the ass he was acting like, he got all upset and said, “Well I want to retyurn this and I’ve never done it before!” That’s cool; it’s only NOVEMBER and this is your first library visit so its understandable. What wasn;t so easy to understand was his thinking that the K of my middle name stands for “Kreskin” and that I was able to read his mind. When he walked inthe door he could have probably said, “Excuse me, where do I return this?” He could have even just said, where does this belong?”  He could have even said something like, I want to hand this back in. or even I’m finished with this DVD, where does it belong, but no dude just siddles up to the desk, doesn’t utter a word and gets huffy when not only do I NOT know what he wants, but also when I require him to speak.

What the heck? I realize how unapproachable I am (black woman reading a book, you know how dangerous we are right?) but damn. Hello. Greet me. Help me help you and then, maybe then, you can get the help you need without me wasting as much of your time as you have wasted of mine and all of us a little better off.
Bedsides, its the holiday season dammit. Good will and all that jazz, yo.

Greet me or die!

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  1. I write about people being rude all the time. Huge pet peeve of mine. I’m also the girl who yells a, “You’re WELCOME,” when I hold a door for someone and they don’t thank me. Hmph. What’s wrong with people?

  2. Nothing irks me more than bad manners – pretty much nothing at all!

  3. Zu says:

    Rude lil brat. I hate bad manners!

  4. That little brat really has bad manners.. I would certainly ignore him.. he doesn’t deserve to be served.

  5. teritruly says:

    I completely agree – greet me! Especially if I greet you! There is a person at work who hardly ever returns my good morning – it drives me batty!!

  6. I totally could have written this post. When I go to McDonald’s, I often am greeted by silence. And I will stand there looking at them in silence until they say “How can I help you?”

    And then I hope they don’t spit in my food 😉

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