Snowy Blowy Day

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In which I admit that I am a space saver.

Snowmania is upon us once again in the Delaware Valley. I was all set to have another snow day but oh feathers…the powers that be decided that my district’s schools (and in turn my library) were to open after a two hour delay. After a mini tantrum I bundled up, popped in my headphones and headed out to make my way to work.

When I was living with Mom there were no shortage of enterprising youth who wanted to make a buck or 20 by shoveling our walk, the driveway, brushing my car off and a nifty path so that I could drive without slipping down the driveway. I incorrectly assumed that the same would happen in the city. Sucker! That first snow storm The Bee and I waited on baited breath for the bell to ring by some enterprising kid, a jack leg, or something in between to shovel us out. While I have made my dislike, nee hate of shoveling known I would have gladly picked one up…had I a shovel. I wrongly identified a rake as a shovel thus proving I need glasses and more observation skills.  Anywho, instead of being damsels in distress, The Bee and I bundled up and tromped through the Snow to purchase one from the ubiquitous Papi stores that pepper our new neighborhood. One of my neighbors had actually taken the time to shovel us out but after he had gotten hit by an fallen icicle decided that the foot wide path would have to do. No complaints; he shoveled my car out and what I had left to shovel was NO big deal.

The second snow snore I was able to darn near sweep the snow away the snow melted so fast. With a sprinkle of ice melt and a few half hearted scrapes the front was clear, we could get in and out of the parking spot and it was no big. This particular day The Bee and I shoveled and cleared snow in about 15 minutes and still had time to watch the end of a Top Model marathon and eat waffles. But again, no enterprising youth, jack legs or in betweens rang the bell to make a buck or two.

Today, despite wearing my pajamas inside out, a spoon under the pillow and just plain wishin’, I still had to report to work*. Oh bother…After a minor meltdown I went on out shoveled and salted and left a chair in my spot. Yup. I’m one of those. I realize that I live in the city with street parking but heck, I spent 45 minutes digging out my spot and I’d like to be able to park when I come home. No, I don’t own the street. Yes, I should live someplace with a driveway or garage. Yes, it’s silly but parking is of a premium, I spent 45 minutes shoveling, salting and scraping and I’ll be darned if the lady in the next block who parks in front of my house nightly because “the boys on her block are bad and bother her car” or the family with the three luxury vehicles who all seem to park with a buffer zone around their cars thus making anyone else able to park will deny me the ability to find parking.**

There was recently an article posted on the NBC Philadelphia website about this very issue. The comments range from support to those who disagree to those who judge (get a driveway). Whatever. When I  am trying to be zen about things, yes, it IS just a parking space however when people aren’t fair or reasonable about parking, then all bets are off. There are a few rules that I have created on my own:

1) holding a spot is OK the first day or two but after that, all bets are off. Of course since this is my singular thought I often find myself parking on the side street near a mountain of blackened ice and snow.

2) If I do park in a spot when visiting someone, I will leave a note in my car telling them where I am so that they can ring the bell before letting the air out of my tire. This has not happened but shucks, someone got shot over a parking space before!

3) Parking in public areas like the school near Buffy’s or a parking lot if available. That may be wrong in the sense that I am not using that service but it’s not like I’m there for the night.

4) Respect. If I see that my neighbor has shoveled, then of course I am going to find another place to park during the height of the storm. It’s only fair and considerate.

My neighborhood is not totally the pits but parking is an issue even in the best weather conditions. Hell, living in a row home (townhouses depending on the income level) means that you either park in the back or take your chances on the street. I wish I could be all zen about parking. In the scheme of things it’s just a spot and if I wanted the luxury of convenient parking I should move to a spot with an attached garage. Since that is not an option at this point, I’m gathering my chairs and hoping people will be fair.

If the city decided to enforce this law (which I understand is already on the books) I would hope that there would be some help for us folk. Snow shoveling is a pain. Snow shoveling after a plow has buried your car is worse. I can only imagine the fight for parking. I probably would stay with my mom until the (snow) dust settled.

And oh, it appears that I am NOT alone. Along the street there were recycling bins, chairs, cones and crates galore with people staking out their cleared spots.

Counting down to Spring,

*I am totally grateful for employment but I had a whole snow list! Hooking, cooking and booking! Plus some laundry folding, few chores and a nap.
**Yup. It’s that deep


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  2. Lisa says:

    Hi! I’m your newest follower on Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs & LIked you on FB! Your link on Facebook Like You Back leads to your blog. 🙂

    Please come follow back on mine. you can connect to my Networked blogs there)

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