Snow Day too

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Kids are great. It was a snow day, and despite the monster headache that has plagued me for a week and having to go to work (I do love my job but I want a snow day too!) I actually enjoyed the snow.

Tuesday night the snow started to fall. That was all anyone talked about: How much snow do you think it will be? Do you think we’ll have to work tomorrow? And of course, from The Bee: Do you think I’ll have school tomorrow?

Despite a pending class trip, The Bee cheerfully made requests to Mom and I to wear our pajamas inside out so the snow would fall.

Nightshirt on inside out to make it snow

She got her wish.

The Snow fell and it was a beautiful snow. It was a white and fluffy snow, the kind of snow that makes everything look clean, new and peaceful. The snow that makes one envision hot chocolate, marshmallows, fire places, old movies and board games.

Snow falling on UD

The kids from last week were on hand to shovel again (yes!) and (for a fee) they shoveled the front and side of the house, the walk way, the garage and my car.

Again, it is NOT cheating to get someone half your age to shovel

The Bee and I went out in the snow. Again, kids are great. I was having one of those I hate the snow moments but The Bee’s enthusiasm is contagious. We went out in the snow and had so much fun. She took some dolls out in the snow, we made a little snow person and just had a ball.

Yay! Snow!

Strike a pose in the snow!

Why I DO NOT want a dog!

The snow brings out the neighbors too. A neighbor that I have not seen in a while walked her horse, er dog.



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