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…or I have too much time on my hands.

Hairspray/ You Can’t Stop the Beat
…You cant stop my happiness
Cause i like the way i am …

Rent/ Take Me or Leave Me
…take me for what i am
who i was meant to be
and if you give a damn
take me baby or leave me..

Rent/ Seasons of Love
It’s time now to sing out,
Tho’ the story never ends
Let’s celebrate
Remember a year in the life of friends
Remember the love!
Remember the love!
Seasons of love!

Gypsy/ Rose’s Turn
Some people got it and make it pay.
Some people can’t even give it away.
This people’s got it and this people’s spreadin’ it around!
You either have it or you’ve had it!

Gypsy/ Everything’s Coming Up Roses
You’ll be swell!
You’ll be great!
Gonna have the whole world on the plate!
Starting here, starting now, honey, everything’s coming up roses!

Avenue Q/ Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist
If we all could just admit
That we are racist a little bit,
Even though we all know That it’s wrong,
Maybe it would help us Get along.

Dreamgirls/ Move

Move, move!
Move right out of my life!
Move, move!
Move right out of my life!

Dreamgirls/I Am Changing

This time I am, I am changing
I’ll get my life together now
I am changing
I know how
I’m gonna start again
I’m gonna leave my past behind
I’ll change my life
I’ll make a vow
and nothings gonna stop me now



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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    You do have too much time on your hands, LOL.

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